Drywall is one of the most popular construction materials used in construction of interior walls today. Made from a gypsum-based plaster and paper, it is much lighter and easier to repair than plaster. It is also equally easier and faster to install, and is fire-resistant.

Drywall is manufactured in sheets and can be nailed to wooden supports rather than requiring the support of multiple laths. Today, walls are constructed with drywall in days instead of weeks.


Taking good care of the walls in your home helps them last and keep your home sound for many years to come. Sometimes homeowners hang pictures or other decorations and damage their interior walls. Proper hanging technique prevents causing unnecessary damage to your drywall.

If hanging a picture, make sure it is important to find the right stud that supports the Drywall. Otherwise, homeowners simply put the nail or picture hanger directly into the drywall. Drywall is not strong enough to support heavy pictures and it may likely cause damages to the wall.


Holes, cracks, wall damage and other drywall issues are repairable and usually performed quickly and without hassle or complication. CTS Building Supplies serves homeowners and commercial clients for patching as well as long-term solutions to prevent future wall damage.

Our contractors work every job with close attention to detail. Among the drywall services we offer, matching texture and patching are the most common. We repair cracks and prevent minor problems from becoming more serious.

After an unexpected hire, fire and smoke damage requires a professional drywall service. At CTS Building Supplies, we help you regain your home and recover from the fire as quickly as possible. With years of experience, our contractors work with close attention to detail delivering quick results.

Even small leaks that go unnoticed can cause more drywall damage than a high-volume water issue. CTS helps people get their homes back with as little inconvenience as possible. We only use experienced contractors that work professionally, and ensure effective repairs.

We repair and replace ceiling drywall with outstanding results. We provide our clients with quality repairs that are hard to notice when they’re done. We also match the texture as required. No matter the damage, we’re always ready to make repairs at a time that’s convenient for you.


When purchasing drywall for a home improvement project, homeowners can choose between drywall thickness and its ability to resist moisture and mildew.

There are a variety of differences in the types of drywall, and knowing the difference between them can ensure any project involving drywall installation or repair achieves the most effective result to suit your needs.

  • Drywall comes in a variety of thicknesses, including 3/8-inch, ½-inch and 5/8-inch sheets. While the most commonly used sheet thickness is the ½-inch variety.
  • A thicker 5/8-inch sheet or two sheets layered on top of one another can provide improved sound dampening.
  • When drywall is applied to ceilings, ½- to 5/8- inch sheets are recommended to reduce any potential sagging that may occur over time.
  • When moisture is present in your homes in especially humid climates, special drywall is needed to prevent decay from moisture penetration or mold growth.
  • This moisture-resistant drywall should be used in bathroom applications and some areas of the kitchen.
  • These can benefit from specially made mold-resistant drywall, which is manufactured specifically to inhibit mold growth.


Attention to detail, quality of work, and cost-effective pricing. That’s the CTS Difference.

Licensed, certified and experienced with all types of drywall projects, we strive to be one of the best drywall companies around. At CTS, we believe that safety and quality go hand in hand.

No matter the type, installing new drywall or repairing large sections of it is a project best left to the professionals at CTS Building Supplies.
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